Our Team is made up of a diverse team of creative individuals, passions, and leaders. Working closely with each other and their clients, the team deliver each project with a unique design expression and dedicated professionalism. The team strives to achieve a unique duality between creative form, efficiency and commercial viability.

Words from our co-founders

Samer Al Khidir

“Being a small firm allows us to deliver a genuine and attentive one-on-one creative experience. Whilst we take what we do almost too seriously, we believe in taking our clients on a design journey together with us – one that is inspiring, exciting and most importantly – fun”.

Khalid ElHassan

“Whether an architectural project, a product design, a piece of furniture, a brand, a set design or an interior, we don’t make distinctions, we put the same effort with the same process, but we also want the outcome to be highly personal and customized for our clients”.

Hakim Azib

BÖWE’s team works across physical boundaries often juggling projects between our studios, delivering truly global creative work. We frequently initiate hybrid projects, where concept could be developed in Paris, engineered in Kuwait , produced in Doha and manufactured in Istanbul”.