We are BÖWE, an award-winning architecture & design firm.

Our journey started in 2006, in Paris, where we set up our first BÖWE studio, mainly working with a few unique Parisian Luxury Brands. Since then, we quickly grew our practice internationally, establishing studios in both Doha and Kuwait, in addition to an office in Shanghai, Today BÖWE is a global studio running projects in Europe, Middle-east and Africa.

We are dedicated to creating inspired & functional design across spaces, products and experiences. Our main goal is to understand, translate and elevate our client’s vision to create something extraordinary.

Through collaboration, research and partnership with our clients, we strive to deliver impeccably crafted and sophisticated creative solutions that are aligned with business objectives.

We believe that: Design is Good Business * Innovation is Sustainable * Quality is Investment

Through our work, we continue to explore the relations between architecture, design, culture & art. Rejecting conventionality through innovative material use, elevated quality, meticulous detail and engineering excellence.


Over the years we have developed a unique methodology that have made most of our clients long term partners.
From beginning to end, we guide you through this process, with a focus on delivering expert advice at the right times, tackling the tough problems and working closely to deliver, above and beyond all expectations.

1- We start by developing the optimal plan layout and key sections & spaces
2- Then develop the high level creative concept that will guide the project
3- We will then research and implement the key materials to be used
4- Through material & concept we then create, reinterpret, divert, innovate.

Whilst each project is different, BÖWE keeps a discernible signature that permeates through our work. If you mix equal parts intuition, simplicity, boldness and glamorous you’ve got the BÖWE recipe right.


Our expertise range from architecture & interior design, product design, art direction, brand development & merchandising to project management and production.
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Our Team is made up of a diverse team of creative individuals, passions, and leaders. Working closely with each other and their clients, the team deliver each project with a unique design expression and dedicated professionalism. The team strives to achieve a unique duality between creative form, efficiency and commercial viability.
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